Dr. Bertrand Khayat מרצה אורח בכנס האנדו השנתי

Dr. Bertrand Khayat

Dr. Bertrand Khayat received his DDS degree at the University of Paris. He obtained his Certificate in Endodontics and his Masters of Science at the University of Washington.

He has published many articles in international journals, including the Journal of Endodontics. He is the author of the Endodontic Surgery Chapter in the book “Endodontie” CDP Editions and the author of the first book on endodontic surgery in French: "Endodontic surgery". He recently published in English the book entitled "Microsurgical Endodontics" published by Quintessence.

He has given more than 300 lectures in more than 40 countries.

He is currently Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, Department of Endodontics while maintaining his private practice in Conventional and Surgical Endodontics in Paris (France).

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